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How to clean and disinfect your floor

Our guide to clean and gleaming floors

Your floors can be a bacteria hot spot, after all it is a high traffic area. Follow these easy tips including which cleaning products to use, the tools and ideal technique to leave every floor clean and sparkling.  

Firstly, how can I keep my floors clean for longer?

Prevention is better than cure. Use doormats at the door entrance, avoid wearing outdoor shoes around the house, groom pets regularly and wipe any incidents as soon as they occur.

How do I clean my floors?


  • Vacuum your carpets frequently, they can house lots of hidden dust and pet dander.
  • We also recommend using a carpet cleaner when required to refresh carpets.

Hard Floors:

Specifically tiled areas, vinyl & sealed laminated floors, linoleum, glazed tiles and sealed wooden floors.

  • Sweep and/or hoover floors regularly, to remove surface debris.
  • To disinfect, we recommend using Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. It can be used with a mop, or by hand with a damp cloth. Dilute the product with water or use neat, as required.
  • Cloths and mops should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. 

To avoid the spread of bacteria, cloths and sponges should be sanitised after use and changed regularly. Mops, brushes and buckets should also be kept clean and disinfected.  

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