Keep Healthy This Monsoon Season

With the fiery heat of summer leaving us and as you welcome the Monsoon, your spirits are lifted and your heart is glad. But while the rain refreshes you, it also has the potential to make you really ill.The Monsoon season requires some extra precautions to stay healthy and protected from infections, but there is really no need to worry much. Just read on for useful information on staying happy and healthy this Monsoon season.

What are the health and hygiene impacts of the Monsoon season?

Though there is no denying the many delights of the Monsoon season, there is no getting away from the fact that the season brings many health risks as well. It creates a damp and humid environment, which in turn, creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can harbour many infectious germs.

Heavy rainfall also creates many puddles of stagnant rain water everywhere. These puddles attract mosquitoes, and the cycle of malaria and dengue fever soon begins. Stagnant water may also mix with drinking water, thus causing waterborne diseases. There is a corresponding rise in cases of food poisoning, cough, colds and the flu, apart from skin infections such as athlete’s foot.

How to prevent infection during Monsoon Season

Personal hygiene

  • Playing outside in the puddles is good fun, but do wash your feet with soap when you get home. Bacteria in rainwater can cause fungal infections of the feet and toenails. Keeping your feet clean and dry can prevent these infections.
  • Protect yourself with an umbrella and always make a beeline for the shower the second you get home. Use Dettol Original Bar Soap when bathing and dry yourself thoroughly, especially drying your feet and toes properly.
  • Use Dettol Original to wash your hands regularly, or a hand sanitiser when you are away from soap and running water. Unwashed hands always transmit germs, so try not to touch your mouth, nose or eyes until you have cleaned your hands with soap.
  • Children are more vulnerable to infection during the Monsoon, so it is important to remind them about washing their hands often, even when they are at school.

Keep your home clean and hygienic

  • A clean and dry home bars the entry of bacteria and infectious germs during the Monsoon season, so you must regularly disinfect the surfaces to protect your family from disease-causing germs.
  • Be careful when cleaning areas of food preparation, as also the wet areas in the kitchen and bathroom. In these areas, do use a disinfectant cleaner.
  • ·         The extra moisture in the air can harbour many infections, so making the house waterproof is key. This will prevent a build-up of dampness in the walls and pooling of water inside the house – these are primary attractions for mould, pests and harmful germs.
  • ·         Take stock of the draining and guttering in your home, and get them repaired before the season begins. Clogged drains are a nightmare in this season – they emit a foul odour and attract insects and germs. Check to see if the rainwater is flowing out properly instead of pooling on the ground near your home.


Be extra cautious about food and drink

  • It is important to drink plenty of water this season, but drink water that has been boiled or purified – there is a higher incidence of waterborne diseases during the Monsoon.
  • Street food may tempt you sorely, but do stay away from it. There is a big increase in the numbers of food poisoning cases this season because of contamination. If you must eat out, clean your hands with Dettol Hand Santiser before you start your meal.
  • Eat only fresh cooked food and stay away from pre-washed raw fruit and vegetables. These may have been washed in unclean, stagnant water that has left harmful bacteria on them.
  • Good hand hygiene will keep you protected this season, so remember to wash your hands often with Dettol Original before eating or preparing your family’s meals.

The respite the Monsoon brings is counterbalanced with the increased risk of infection and illness. You can follow the precautions listed above to keep yourself and your family protected from the ill effects of the rain this season.