Introducing Dettol Gold

Dettol Gold is literally the gold standard of germ protection for the entire family. Quite simply, it is the best bar of soap that provides all round germ protection and the cleanest ever skin. It delivers on the Dettol promise to provide better germ protection than other such brands in the market. Enriched with soothing lemongrass oil, the Dettol Gold range is the answer to your prayers for effective germicidal protection all year round.

Effective hand hygiene

Most people wash their hands with water, but a good soap is needed to make the hand washing exercise an effective one. Merely washing with water does not kill or remove disease-causing germs, but washing with soap and water does.Our hands carry many different varieties of germs every day, so washing them is important so that they do not make us ill.The Dettol Gold range is the ideal companion to your daily hand washing routine, keeping the hands free of illness-causing germs.

The right handwashing technique

Did you know that hand washing is all about technique? Read on to know how to wash your hands correctly to eliminate germs. You can start by incorporating Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash for your home. Now follow these 8 steps to adopt the right hand washing procedure:

  1. Start running water and wet your hands under it
  2. Apply a little Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash
  3. Now rub your hands together to work up a lather
  4. Do not forget the tips of the fingers and the skin between them
  5. Run your nails over your palms
  6. Firmly rub the backs of your hands
  7. Wash off the soap using running water
  8.  Dry your hands with a clean paper towel or napkin


How can Dettol Gold help me and my family?

Dettol Gold is a champion germ buster that protects your family from several disease-causing germs by killing them from the skin. We recommend daily and frequent washing of your hands with Dettol soap so that you are protected against:


This illness can strike anyone, though is more commonly observed amongst economically backward populations. However, the illness can be easily remedied just by keeping the hands clean. New research from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reveals that the occurrence of diarrhoea can be reduced by 42% to 47% by frequently washing the hands with soap. Diarrhoea is often spread from one person to another by direct contact with germy hands, so proper hand washing is essential.

Skin infections

Hot and humid weather gives rise to sweat – and skin infections. Microbes and germs that cause skin infections multiply quickly in muggy weather, and contact with them can transmit the problem from person to person. Many of these germs thrive on the hands. But these infections can be eliminated by washing the hands frequently with Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash Classic.

Viral and Respiratory Infections

Viral infections cause influenza and the common cold, as also other respiratory disorders. The flu and cold germs can easily spread among people when one touches a contaminated surface and then touches the eyes, nose or mouth with the same hands. Naturally, keeping the hands clean of germs is the first step in combating these infections. Thus, washing the hands frequently with a good hand soap during flu season is important so that the infection is kept at bay. Dettol Gold is proven to be effective in fighting the flu and common cold germs.


This is an acute respiratory infection brought on by bacteria. It causes the tissues in the lungs to swell up and the air sacs to become clogged with fluid. Pneumonia is often spread from one contaminated person to another via direct contact or through a contaminated object. There are vaccines to protect you against the illness, but you can start by washing your hands frequently every day with a good soap.


It is caused by a bug in the stomach and it affects digestion. The viruses that cause gastroenteritis spread easily from person to person, mostly by touching contaminated surfaces. Hence, it can be stopped in its tracks by washing the hands with a good germicidal soap such as Dettol.It can be prevented with good hand hygiene, especially when handling food or after visiting the toilet. Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash is a good tool against this illness.

Is the Dettol Gold range just for my hands?

The good news is that you can use the Dettol Gold Classic Clean Bar Soap both at the wash basin and also in the shower. Apart from keeping your hands clean, it helps keep your entire body free of illness-causing germs.