Kitchen Hygiene: Keeping Hands Clean

By keeping your hands clean, you can easily master good kitchen hygiene, stop the spread of germs and protect your family from various illnesses. Research has proven that kitchen is the space in the house that breeds maximum amount of germs. Therefore, it is all the more vital for you to practice effective hand hygiene while cooking food.

Let us understand the situations where washing your hands is absolutely necessary

  • Before and after you prepare food
  • After coming in contact with raw foods
  • After clearing thrash
  • After washing up or wiping down surfaces
  • After cooking
  • If you happen to cough or sneeze while cooking food, rinse your hands and wipe down any contaminated surfaces


Including your kids in the kitchen while cooking food can be an exciting experience. You can take this opportunity and educate them more about kitchen hygiene and the importance of washing hands before they come in direct contact with food products. Find below some useful tips that will help you introduce and encourage effective hand hygiene in the kitchen.


Zainab, 27, Mom to Fathima & Zara

We follow strict rules in the kitchen. I make sure that my girls have put on an apron, tied their hair, rolled up their sleeves and washed their hands with soap and warm water.

I am very much aware of the importance of a safe and hygienic kitchen while cooking, and thus we have tried to introduce safer ways to involve our kids in the kitchen, even from an early age. They are with  us in almost all activities, from deciding what to cook, mixing and weighing ingredients, laying the table and helping in clean up afterwards.


Imran, 34, Dad to Mohammad

I have realized the importance of me having to be an effective hand hygiene role model to Mohammad in the kitchen. I have made it a habit to wash my hands with him before, during and after preparing food with the help of warm water and soap. You can make good handwashing a habit with the help of repetition and routine, so we make sure that we follow this process together every time! Below listed are the steps we religiously follow.

  1. Wet your hands under running water
  2. Apply soap and lather
  3. Take a hand soap and rub your hands vigorously for 20 seconds. Remember to clean the back of your hands and underneath your fingernails.
  4. Rinse meticulously
  5. Use a clean tower or hand dryer to dry your hands
  6. Turn off the faucet with the help of your elbow or the towel


Aalia, 31, Mom to Zayed

Me and my husband try and make handwashing as simple as possible for Zayed! Our kitchen always has best quality soap, like Dettol Liquid Handwash. We also keep a stool nearby so that it becomes easy for him to reach the sink. The idea here is to make hand washing a fun activity for him.


While having fun in the kitchen, we also try to discuss the importance of hand washing. We try and educate him about the importance of handwashing and how it can keep all of us healthy. I also tell Zayed about raw foods, and why it is necessary to wash hands after handling them.


We hope that this article gave you new ideas through which you could explain proper kitchen hygiene to your kids. Last but not the least, always have a good antibacterial soap in the kitchen, such as Dettol Liquid Handwash.